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Company Profile

PT IFARS PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES (PT IFARS) was founded in 1974 and manufactures prescription (ethical) medicine, over-the-counter (OTC) medicine and food supplements.

The products come in the following forms:
- Solid (tablet, caplet and capsule),
- Liquid (syrup, suspension/emulsion and dry suspension) and
- Semi solid (cream, gel and ointment).

The company also operates a beta-lactam facility to produce Penicillin antibiotic and cephalosporin antibiotic and their derivatives.

Currently, the company produces several medicine for several therapeutic classes, with over 200 brands with their variants. This wide product range offers more selection for customers and users.

The products of the company are marketed nationwide through its distribution network.


To Become A Trusted And Recognized Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company In Indonesia

To Manufacture High Quality Medicine At Affordable Price. Quality is of paramount importance to the company. Quality is assured in each and every step of the manufacturing process so that all IFARS medicine and food supplements meet strict quality standards. The company adheres to national and international pharmacopoeia for its products which have to meet the important criteria of Safety, Efficacy and Quality.

The research and development facility of the company fully supports product formulation and development in order to fulfill the customers needs for high quality medicine at affordable price.